SC4616 Datasheet

Programmable Linear Output Hall Effect Sensor

The SC4616 is designed specifically for angular position, and DC current measurement etc. The accuracy of this device is enhanced via programmability on the output pin for end-of-line optimization without the added complexity and cost of a fully programmable device. The programmable nature of the SC4616 enables it to acount for manufacturing tolerances in the final current sensing module assembly.

This ratiometric Hall effect device provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. Both the quiescent voltage output and magnetic sensitivity are user adjustable. The quiescent voltage output can be set to 2.5V, and the sensitivity adjusted between 8 mV/Gs and 24 mV/Gs. Programming selections also exist for output polarity and temperature compensation.

Each Bi-CMOS monolithic circuit integrates a Hall element, temperature-compensating circuitry to reduce the intrinsic sensitivity drift of the Hall element, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, a low-impedance output stage, a proprietary dynamic offset cancellation technique and trimming unit.

It is packaged in a thin 3-pin SIP package to allow for easy integration with a magnetic core to create a highly accurate current sensing module.