SC9632 Datasheet

Dual Channel Hall Effect Speed Sensor IC

SC9632 is a differential Hall Effect sensor IC with two independent channels providing quadrature outputs. The device provides a high sensitivity and a superior stability over temperature and symmetrical thresholds in order to achieve a stable duty cycle. The integrated circuit is response to changing differential magnetic fields created by rotating ring magnets and by ferrous targets when coupled with a magnet. By use of the A/B quadrature outputs, the device is particularly suitable for speed and direction of magnetic ring or ferromagnetic toothed wheels.

The SC9632 integrates two independent differential Hall-effect sensor IC. The Hall IC supports four Hall elements, with magnet back-biased, which sense the magnetic profile of the ferrous gear target simultaneously, but at different points, generating two differential internal analog voltages,that is processed for precise switching of the digital output signals.

For each of two independent channels, the device detects the motion and position of ferromagnetic or permanent magnet structures by measuring the differential flux density of the magnetic field. Changes in field strength at the device face, which are induced by a moving target, are sensed by the two integrated Hall transducers. The transducers generate signals that are differentially amplified by on-chip electronics. This differential design provides immunity to radial vibration within the operating air gap range of the SC9632, by rejection of the common mode signal. Steady-state magnet and system offsets are eliminated using an on-chip differential band-pass filter. This filter also provides relative immunity to interference from electromagnetic sources.

The Hall IC is self-calibrating with a temperature compensated amplifier and offset cancellation circuitry. Its internal voltage regulator provides supply noise rejection throughout the operating voltage range. Changes in temperature do not greatly affect this device due to the stable amplifier design and the offset rejection circuitry. The Hall transducers and signal processing electronics are integrated on the same silicon substrate, using a proprietary BiCMOS process.

The device is packaged in a 4-pin plastic SIP. It is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin plated leadframe.